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Mission and Promise
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ISMTE - Empowering editorial offices around the world.

ISMTE Mission
ISMTE connects, educates and provides resources for professionals who are passionate about the operations of peer-reviewed publications.

Adopted August 15, 2019


ISMTE Promise
A unique community for managing and technical editors at scholarly publications worldwide, that combines networking, training, and industry-proven best practices—allowing them to engage with other professionals, broaden their day-to-day skills, and be proud of the journals they produce.


ISMTE Brand Story

Between you and your next publication date, there’s an endless list of to-dos. Deadlines to meet. Manuscripts to process. Authors and editors who need responses. But you find a way to make it work no matter how hectic things get or how many obstacles emerge. Because you won’t settle for a product that’s anything less than your absolute best. That’s why you need to engage with ISMTE.

ISMTE is the world’s only professional organization dedicated to managing and technical editors. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or a veteran of many years—whether you’re part of an editorial team at a large journal in London, or working alone in Sydney—ISMTE is the place for you.

We’re a community of managing and technical editors around the world. Our society helps you make the most out of your job and professional life, with clear, trusted information and fewer problems along the way.

Need an answer to a seemingly unanswerable question? We can help. Need advice from people who have been in the trenches, seen your troubles firsthand? We can help. Need a connection to a global network of like-minded, ambitious professionals? We can help with that too.

We all need a little guidance sometimes. Our deep-rooted culture means you’ll have one-on-one support wherever and whenever you need it. Because the issues you face don’t always keep conventional hours, you can access ISMTE support anytime, anywhere.

No matter what this job might throw at you, ISMTE keeps you ready, productive, and engaged.

ISMTE is grateful to our Corporate Members for their support

Empowering editorial offices around the world

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