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Award Winners
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ISMTE Award for Excellence 

The ISMTE Award for Excellence recognizes members who possess a track record of success of helping their publications excel though consistent excellent service and exemplary management of their role.


ISMTE Award for Achievement or Innovation

With the Award for Achievement or Innovation, ISMTE aims to recognize those members who have improved their publications through exploration and innovation, pushing the boundaries of their role and expanding the meaning of what it means to be a professional managing or technical editor.


ISMTE Jason Roberts Founder's Award

The Founder's Award is for those members who have reshaped our industry through an outstanding idea/contribution. Named after ISMTE's founding president, Jason Roberts, this award recognizes members who have made extraordinary steps toward defining the future of peer review management. 

ISMTE Ira Salkin Scholarship

The Board has established an annual scholarship in Ira Salkin’s memory which will take effect in 2017. The objective of this scholarship is to uphold Ira’s goal of ensuring that editorial office professionals are educated and vigilant in matters of publishing ethics.  


 2018 Award Winners 

Award for Excellence

Meghan McDevitt
Managing Editor
The Journal of Pediatrics

In a short time, Meghan has managed to cut waste, cut costs, audit office procedures for out-of-date practices, and streamline processes. She has taken huge leaps by transitioning a predominately paper-based editorial office into the electronic age, all while collaborating with Editors used to the existing process, in desperate need of a push into the 21st century.. At the same time, she facilitated a physical move for the entire editorial office. Doing away with walls of filing cabinets and reams of paper, she’s created a modern, streamlined, and efficiently run office.

“The ISMTE is a vital part of my professional life, providing unique volunteer and leadership positions, practical resources for my day-to-day work, and an abundance of networking opportunities (local, international, and virtual!). The ISMTE members, including the friends and colleagues I have met over the years, are a big part of what makes ISMTE special. I am greatly honored to receive this year's Award for Excellence and to be recognized by my peers in this truly wonderful community. When I talk with an ISMTE member, I know I'm with someone who "gets it." It has been and continues to be a privilege to do work on behalf of the ISMTE and I am grateful for this recognition.”



Award for Achievement or Innovation

Sherryl Sundell
Managing Editor
International Journal of Cancer

Sherryl Sundell has been working as Managing Editor at the International Journal of Cancer (IJC) for 16 years. She has always been a stimulating presence at the journal, either for the editorial staff or the associate editors, and has been particularly committed in establishing and following “best practices for publication”. As example, below is described her essential role in the implementation of two important innovating procedures at IJC.

Starting from 2007, Sherryl successfully accompanied the Editors in establishing new rules for cell line authentication for papers submitted to IJC. It has been a long process, and this rule has been fully implemented in 2012. Noteworthy, this request was very innovative and risky at that time, but has now been followed by other journals, including high impact factors journals such as Nature.

Later, Sherryl strongly supported the idea and led the development of a procedure for checking images for misconduct before publication in IJC. We started from gathering knowledge and experience, then run a pilot study to test the feasibility of the project and finally implemented it for papers ready for acceptance.

These two projects have considerably improved the scientific quality of data published at IJC. They have been presented as posters at ISMTE Meetings (the one on image checking was the winner in 2017), and as written articles for EON.

Apart from these two important achievements, Sherryl has animated the office with great enthusiasm, pushing to learn and confront ideas between us and with colleagues. She has always been attentive to innovations in the publication field, open to changes advancing the quality of the publishing process. Her leading role has been highly appreciated from all those working with her.

She has also been very much involved in ISMTE, supporting its role in enhancing the professionalism and promoting networking; in particular, she has been board member from 2011 to 2016, and has animated the local group in Heidelberg.

“What an honor to receive this year’s award for achievement or innovation! Thank you very much.

Actually, though, anything I might have achieved at the International Journal of Cancer was likely a result of the professional confidence I gained from becoming a part of ISMTE. Knowing that a society such as ISMTE is focused on providing managing and technical editors with information about peer review and about the industry, setting standards, and developing resources makes for an excellent foundation to run a journal and an editorial office well. It frees up a person’s creative energy to put the development of the journal into the right context, to work effectively with authors and reviewers, and to advise the editors about important surrounding issues. I am very grateful for that foundation and for all the support I have received over the years from the society and the wonderful group of people who make it up.

Thank you again for this honor.”



Jason Roberts Founders Award

Richard Wynne
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Aries Systems Corporation

Richard thinks 5-10 years ahead of the market. I don’t know how but he truly does. I was lucky to work for him for 4 years, and his insight into what publishers and editors, and increasingly funders would need from peer review workflow was nothing short of psychic or sage. His ability to convert these insights into features Aries could release within Editorial Manager is also laudable. It’s no small task to get ideas through the management team and CEO but if it is important to peer review workflow, and has Richard as a champion, EM users will benefit. In addition, he’s been a supporter and mentor to so many in the industry- including me. His collaborative work style and willingness to bring colleagues along is all to his, and Aries’ credit.

“When we first released Editorial Manager more than 15 years ago scholarly publishers thought of editorial offices as sleepy backwaters, irrelevant to their value proposition. Investments were focused on hosting platforms and innovations in dissemination. How much has changed! New business models have since undermined the perceived value of journals’ dissemination function and publishers have belatedly identified peer review and the editorial office function as critical to maintaining relevance and competitive advantage. While systems like Editorial Manager provide the underlying “plumbing”, it is rewarding to see that journal office staff are now more dynamic, professional and innovative. ISMTE was early to spot this trend and contribute the growing professionalism and dynamism in the journal office.

I’m honored to receive the ISMTE Jason Roberts Founder Award, and I look forward to many further creative and productive conversations with industry colleagues. We’re just getting started!”


Ira Salkin Scholarship

Sibabalwe Oscar Masinyana
Managing Editor
Taylor & Francis Africa

Sibabalwe Oscar Masinyana is a Managing Editor at the Taylor & Francis Africa office for the African Arts & Humanities, Area Studies, and Physical Sciences journals. He has a special interest in promoting Open Access awareness in the region, at an institutional and individual researcher level. He was previously a Deputy Editor of Prufrock literary magazine, and the Managing Editor of the Paperight Young Writers Anthology. He has a BA in Film and Media Production (2005) and a Masters in Linguistics (2014), both from the University of Cape Town, where he was also a tutor in the African Languages and Linguistics departments, a Writing Centre consultant at the Centre for Higher Education Development, and a lecturer in Media Studies. He is also an LLB candidate at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, where he also lives.


2018 Editage / ISMTE North American Conference Travel Grant
Yangang Ren, MD, PhD
Senior Editor
The Chinese Journal of Practical Internal Medicine

Ren Yangang is a Senior Editor, who has nearly 20 years of experience in the medical journal editing and publishing industry in China. During his years of practice, he served as the Editor-in-Chief/Director of the Editorial Department of the Chinese Journal of Practical Internal Medicine, and has participated in the launching of two English journals: Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) the Journal of Translational Internal Medicine (JTIM). He serves as an editorial board member of both journals.


2018 Editage / ISMTE European Conference Travel Grant
Fenxiang Meng
The Chinese Journal of Practical Internal Medicine


2017 Winners

Award for Excellence
Phaedra Cress
Award for Achievement or Innovation
Thomas E. Gaston
Jason Roberts Founders Award
Jan Higgins
Ira Salkin Scholarship
Jennifer Mahar


2016 Winners 

Award for Excellence  Award for Achievement or Innovation  Jason Roberts Founders Award

 Deborah Bowman

Deborah Bowman

Irene Hames, PhD


2015 Award Winners

Award for Excellence  Award for Achievement or Innovation  Jason Roberts Founders Award

 Mary L. Chang

Tim Vines

Elizabeth Blalock


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