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Award Winners
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ISMTE Award for Excellence 

The ISMTE Award for Excellence recognizes members who possess a track record of success of helping their publications excel though consistent excellent service and exemplary management of their role.  


ISMTE Award for Achievement or Innovation

With the Award for Achievement or Innovation, ISMTE aims to recognize those members who have improved their publications through exploration and innovation, pushing the boundaries of their role and expanding the meaning of what it means to be a professional managing or technical editor.


ISMTE Jason Roberts Founder's Award

The Founder's Award is for those members who have reshaped our industry through an outstanding idea/contribution. Named after ISMTE's founding president, Jason Roberts, this award recognizes members who have made extraordinary steps toward defining the future of peer review management. 

ISMTE Ira Salkin Scholarship

The Board has established an annual scholarship in Ira Salkin’s memory which will take effect in 2017. The objective of this scholarship is to uphold Ira’s goal of ensuring that editorial office professionals are educated and vigilant in matters of publishing ethics.  


 2017 Award Winners 

Award for Excellence

Phaedra Cress
Executive Editor
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Phaedra Cress has worked in the publishing industry for over 17 years. She has implemented a social media strategy for the journal she manages. Not only has she spearheaded and educated about the importance of altmetrics but helped bring about awareness to the issue of predatory publishing and open access. She has also published an editorial on predatory conferences and produced a 5 part video interview on publication ethics, which was awarded the ASHPE Silver award for “Best use of Video”. 

“I am so honored to be selected for the Award of Excellence from ISMTE—to be recognized in this manner by such an esteemed organization is a career highlight and I thank you sincerely. In a field where we compete based on Impact Factor, Kantar scores, website downloads, Altmetrics, and other rankings, it is organizations like ISMTE that allow us to focus collectively on educating, networking, and innovating at the peer-to-peer level. By improving efficiencies now, together we are paving a sturdier path for those who come after us, and it is a great privilege to be a part of this society of devoted professionals who have proven their ability to adapt successfully to the ever-changing, multimedia landscape.”



Award for Achievement or Innovation

Thomas E. Gaston
Managing Editor
John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Thomas Gaston has devised and developed a game called “The Peer Review Game”. The game covers reviewers, bad/unresponsive/fake/biased reviewers, ORCID, double blinded. The game is fun and has been imaginatively created. The Awards Committee hope that Thomas will be able to bring the game with him to London and we can feature it at the conference, and we hope Thomas will agree to place a video of the game with an article in EON.

“I am proud to have been awarded the ISMTEs’ Award for Achievement or Innovation for the creation of the “Peer Review Game”. The game was originally conceived as a topical Christmas gift for our colleagues working on our editorial offices. The idea was to create a game that illustrated how improving your reviewer pool is important to ensure the quality assessment of submitted articles. Within the game players have various options to mitigate the impact of fake, unresponsive, lazy and biased reviewers.
I must acknowledge the assistance of my colleagues, who gave up lunch breaks to assist me test the various iterations of the game and suggest improvements.
I am convinced of the need to improve peer review standards across journal publishing to ensure the rigor and quality of scientific and scholarly articles. In a world of “alternative facts” and “fake news”, the role of peer review in strengthening the trustworthiness of scientific and scholarly output has never been more important. Organizations like ISMTE are vital in encouraging those improvements in cross-industry standards.”


Jason Roberts Founders Award

Jan Higgins
Managing Editor
Genetics in Medicine

Jan Higgins established the Research Triangle Park local group in North Carolina which paved the way for other ISMTE local groups. Today following Jan’s lead ISMTE currently has 11 local group worldwide. Jan has also been instrumental in upgrading ISMTE’s approach to sponsorship which has contributed to more corporate members. Today we have more membership thanks to her efforts. This growth and visibility has enhanced ISMTE’s profile in the larger academic community. Finally, Jan has secured for the society pro bono legal counsel which will provide ISMTE its next tangible step in enhancing governance.

“I am deeply honored to receive the Jason Roberts Founders Award for 2017. I have been involved with ISMTE since its inception, and have been thrilled to see the society grow in members, in industry stature, and to now start leading the way with best practices for editorial offices. When Jason Roberts and colleagues founded the society, it was in part because editorial office professionals had no real society to call "home". We could relate to other professional societies for some parts of our job, but no society truly understood the role of editorial office professionals and their day-to-day issues and problems. ISMTE stepped into that niche and now with over 1000 members worldwide, 3 annual meetings on 3 continents and a growing list of educational resources, ISMTE has more than filled that niche.


Ira Salkin Scholarship

Jennifer Mahar
Managing Editor
Origin Editorial, LLC

With a clear take home message, Jennifer's essay describes the developments during the past 10 years and how Editors now trust the Editorial Office to manage ethics and other similar issues.

2017 Poster Winners

1st Place Winner

Have We Opened Pandora’s Box? Image Integrity Checking at the Editorial Office
Franca Bianchini, Florian Grünschläger, Stefanie Heck, Yvonne Ohl, Sherryl Sundell
International Journal of Cancer, German Cancer Research Center


2nd Place Winner

What Does a Managing Editor Do All Day? An Analysis of Emails Received in an Editorial Office
Alethea B. Gerding, MA
Managing Editor
Journal of Prosthodontics
American College of Prosthodontists


3rd Place Winner
Strengthening the Reviewer Database by Improving User Profiles
Meaghan Kelly
Managing Editor, Copy Editor
J&J Editorial

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2016 Winners 

Award for Excellence  Award for Achievement or Innovation  Jason Roberts Founders Award

 Deborah Bowman

Deborah Bowman

Irene Hames, PhD


2015 Award Winners

Award for Excellence  Award for Achievement or Innovation  Jason Roberts Founders Award

 Mary L. Chang

Tim Vines

Elizabeth Blalock


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