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Award Winners
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Congratulations to the
2020 ISMTE Award Winners!

Ira Salkin Service Award

Michael Willis
Senior Manager, Researcher Advocate
Research Content Management

Michael has been a dedicated member of ISMTE almost since the start of the society.  He has served on a variety of committees, including the European Meeting Committee.  After serving on that committee, he chaired that meeting for several years.  Michael then served on the Board of Director as a director, President and President-Elect.  During his time of the board, Michael participated in numerous committees, including the Asian-Pacific Meeting/Task Force, Professional Development and European Meeting committees.  Michael has always been quick to volunteer when help is needed and can be counted on for his thoughtful contributions. 

"I’ve benefited tremendously from ISMTE. The Society’s members have a wealth of experience, and it’s been a privilege to have met so many over the last decade. I have learned so much from them and from the experience I gained through leadership roles in the Society, especially the President role and supporting the various conference committees. It’s a special honour to receive the Ira Salkin Award, given how influential Ira was in the inception and early growth of ISMTE."


The Ira Salkin Service Award recognizes ISMTE members for outstanding service to the Society. The ISMTE Board selects members who have exhibited enthusiasm for and commitment to the Society and its mission to connect, educate, and provide resources for professionals who are passionate about the operations of peer-reviewed publications.


Award for Achievement or Innovation

Dawn Angel
Managing Editor of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice
American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology

Dawn Angel, Managing Editor of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, has been a major driving force that has propelled our Journal, which is only its eighth year of publication, to be the third most highly cited allergy journal in the world, and, according to a recent survey, the most regularly read allergy/immunology or pulmonary journal by allergists/immunologists. In addition to Dawn’s extraordinary day by day organizational, communication, and writing/editing skills, Dawn’s innovative work to provide COVID-19-related information to our readers is a perfect example of “going beyond the scope of her role in order to implement positive change and expanding the definition of what it means to be a professional managing editor”. These innovations and accomplishments have included 1) producing a number of very articulate special communications to our authors, reviewers, and readers regarding our COVID-19 resources, 2) creating an efficient internal expedited review process for COVID-19 articles, 3) facilitating a special interactive webinar discussing guidelines for the practice of allergy/immunology and use of telemedicine during the COVID-19 crisis that was attended live by 420 individuals and is now available in a recorded format such that many more individuals can gain this knowledge as well as CME credit, 4) organizing two engaging twitter chats on COVID-related subjects, 5) designing a special COVID-19 landing page on our web site that organizes and highlights the various resources we offer, 6) working with the publisher to establish a specific section of the Journal for COVID-19 articles and an icon to identify them, and 7) being first author on an Editorial written by the editors describing our COVID-19 resources and how to access them ( Dawn ended the editorial with a quote from a Leonard Cohen poem “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Dawn is an absolutely outstanding Managing Editor in all ways, but she has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty and expectations in her innovative work to help our Journal do what we can to bring COVID-19 enlightenment to our readers in these dark and unprecedented times. 

"I am honored to be selected for ISMTE’s 2020 Award for Achievement or Innovation. In a time that has elicited both uncertainty and innovation in many of us, I am proud to have had the opportunity to do what I could to use the latter to alleviate the former. I would like to thank my editorial team, particularly my Editor-in-Chief, Michael Schatz, for their assistance in this enterprise. And I must express my hope that everyone and their loved ones are keeping safe and well in these unsettled times."

With the Award for Achievement or Innovation, ISMTE aims to recognize those members who have improved their publications through exploration and innovation, pushing the boundaries of their role and expanding the meaning of what it means to be a professional managing or technical editor.

Early Career Award


Lauren Overbey
Senior Managing Editor
J&J Editorial, LLC 

Having worked n the academic publishing field for 3 and a half years, Lauren has shown tremendous professionalism in communication with editors, society, and publishing staff. She has successfully managed the workflow of multiple journals at once and really recognizes the fast-paced requirements and attention to detail needed in the peer review publication process. As an early career professional, Lauren is a member of ISMTE and has worked exceptionally hard to grow in her understanding of industry best practice, technological developments, and the ever-changing updates available in submission platforms. For a recent project, Lauren worked with an editor who had several obstacles to overcome both with efficiency and improved communication with staff. She listened carefully to the needs of the editor, worked hard to understand their vision for their journal, and implemented practical adjustments that helped their vision become reality. Lauren worked with this editor to set realistic goals, provided regular feedback, and updated operational processes that improved the workflow of the journal. Lauren set up regular calls with the editor to discuss any concerns, questions, and ongoing goals. Following these conversations, Lauren made adjustments in Editorial Manager that improved workflow and provided clarity for all users involved in the regular operations of the journal. Additionally, Lauren kept detailed protocol records of journal operations to ensure clarity and accuracy with the workflow in Editorial Manager. Her attention to detail and excellent communication skills helped alleviate any ongoing concerns the editor had about the journal. This allowed the editor to be able to focus more on EIC responsibilities and less on operational improvements. Her technical and organizational skills are excellent, but her editors most value her problem-solving ability. Lauren has also been responsible for organizing the many aspects of a yearly Editorial Board meeting, running the gamut from researching locations for luncheons to preparing handouts to shipping meeting materials. These tasks are especially tricky when the meetings are often in overseas locations, but she is a vital part of what has made those meetings a success. Lauren has continued to maintain a high level of service, even as she’s seen submissions soaring to more than double the norm during the pandemic.

"I am incredibly honored to be selected for the ISMTE Early Career Award! ISMTE has been such a valuable resource for me to learn from experienced colleagues and I am so grateful for the growth and development the society has offered. Thank you so much!"

The Early Career Award recognizes the achievements of members who are in the early stages of their career with roles in scholarly publishing for 5 or fewer years. Candidates will have demonstrated excellence through a high degree of initiative and a strong commitment to learning and growth in their early roles. 

Jason Roberts Founder's Award

No recipients in 2020.

The Founder's Award is for those members who have reshaped our industry through an outstanding idea/contribution. Named after ISMTE's founding president, Jason Roberts, this award recognizes members who have made extraordinary steps toward defining the future of peer review management. 

2019 Winners 

Award for Achievement or Innovation  Early Career Award  Ira Salkin Scholarship

 Brook Ashley Simpson

Brittany Krysinski

Christy Collins, PhD


2018 Winners

Award for Excellence
Meghan McDevitt 
Award for Achievement or Innovation
Sherryl Sundell 
 Jason Roberts Founders Award
Richard Wynne
 Ira Salkin Scholarship
Sibabalwe Oscar Masinyana


2017 Winners

Award for Excellence
Phaedra Cress
Award for Achievement or Innovation
Thomas E. Gaston
Jason Roberts Founders Award
Jan Higgins
Ira Salkin Scholarship
Jennifer Mahar


2016 Winners 

Award for Excellence  Award for Achievement or Innovation  Jason Roberts Founders Award

 Deborah Bowman

Deborah Bowman

Irene Hames, PhD


2015 Award Winners

Award for Excellence  Award for Achievement or Innovation  Jason Roberts Founders Award

 Mary L. Chang

Tim Vines

Elizabeth Blalock

Award Winners Before 2015

ISMTE Awards have been presented annually since 2015. Prior to 2015, the following awards were presented. For more on the history of the Awards, visit the ISMTE History page.

Recognition Award (2013)
Alice Meadows and Edward Wates of

Jason Roberts Founders Award (2011)
Kristen Overstreet


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