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Awards Committee

2020 Committee Members
Michal Rottman, Chair, Salient Content
Elizabeth Bury, Board Liaison, Acoustical Society of America
Diane Drexler, Origin Editorial
Meghan McDevitt, The Journal of Pediatrics
Kristine Pumphrey, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

To promote ISMTE membership by recognizing those ISMTE members who have demonstrated editorial industry excellence and innovation, and to encourage professional development among our members.

Conference Planning Committees

2020 Asia-Pacific Task Force Members
Julie Nash, Chair, Board Liaison, J&J Editorial 
Heidi Allen, Wiley
Tony Alves, Aries Systems
Pravin Chhetri, Birat Medical College & Teaching Hospital
Paul Du, Clarivate
Anke van Eekelen, Respirology
Michael Willis, Wiley

2020 European Planning Committee Members
Maria Guerreiro, Co-Chair, eLife Sciences Publications
Mary Miskin, Co-Chair, Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Thina Hedbom, Board Liaison, Journal of Internal Medicine
Franca Bianchini, International Journal of Cancer Deutsches Krebsforschungzentrum (DKFZ)
Simone Larche, Oxford University Press 

2020 North American Planning Committee Members
Kimberly Retzlaff, Chair, American Water Works Association
Julie Nash, Board Liaison, J&J Editorial
Kristen Anderson, Allen Press
Ryan Farrell, Vice Chair, American Gastroenterological Society
Michelle Gaffney, KWF Editorial
Grace Hansen-Dewar, New England Journal of Medicine
Jacob Kendall-Taylor, JAMA
Craig Lincoln, J&J Editorial
Kristie Overstreet, Origin Editorial
Katie Simmons, Wiley & Sons
Jitesh Soares, American Chemical Society
Randy Townsend, American Geophysical Union

Editorial Office News (EON), ISMTE’s Monthly Publication

2020 EON Editorial Team
Editors-in-Chief: Stephanie Kinnan, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and
                            Lindsey Brounstein, American Gastroenterological Association
Senior Editors: Liz Bury, Acoustical Society of America and Nijsje Dorman, American Journal of Kidney Diseases
Editorial Adviser: Meghan McDevittThe Journal of Pediatrics

Editorial Office News (EON) is the monthly publication of ISMTE. The publication is a members-only benefit providing readers with informative articles related to working in an editorial office. Topics are wide-reaching but focus on defining editorial roles and best practices, new technologies, hot topics in scholarly publishing, Society news, messages from the Board of Directors, announcements, conference reports, and upcoming events. EON is published eleven times per year.

Education & Standards Committee

2020 Committee Members
Hannah Wakley, Chair, Wiley
Erin Landis, Board Liaison,  American Gastroenterological Association
Elizabeth Clark, J&J Editorial
Lia Curtin, Wiley
Angela Hartley Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nurses
Maggie Haworth, Endocrine Reviews
Kristie Overstreet, Origin Editorial
Nick Rushby, Education & Self Development

To identify and develop educational resources and industry standards and encourage members and non-members to provide input on these resources and standards.

Ethics Committee

2020 Committee Members
Deborah Bowman, Chair, MFA, ELSGIE: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Franca Bianchini, International Journal of Cancer Deutsches Krebsforschungzentrum (DKFZ)
Phaedra Cress, Aesthetic Surgery Journal

To oversee the Board of Director’s conflicts of interest and advise the Board on governance.

Marketing and Communications Committee

2020 Committee Members
Michelle English, Board Liaison, J&J Editorial
Katie Murphy, American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics
Anne Brenner, Technica Editorial
Jasmine Coole, American Cancer Society
Audra Cox, American Physiological Society
Sylvia DeMar, American Society for Horticultural Science
Natalia Olson, J&J Editorial

To identify market opportunities (corporate/individual membership, sponsorship) and curate content to comprehensively promote the various offerings of ISMTE (annual meetings, webinars, educational resources, local groups, etc.) so that members and non-members alike are fully aware of the society’s robust portfolio of benefits, with the ultimate goal of increasing member recruitment, retention, and engagement.

Meetings Committee

Committee members are the chairs and Board liaisons from the three conference planning committees. 


2020 Committee Members

Julie Nash, Chair and Board Liaison

Tony Alves, Aries Systems

Mary Guerreiro, eLife Sciences Publications

Thina Hedbom, Journal of Internal Medicine

Mary Miskin, Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Kimberly Retzlaff,  American Water Works Association



To organize and facilitate quarterly meetings of all of the ISMTE meeting chairs (North American, European and Asian-Pacific) to discuss questions, issues and themes impacting all of ISMTE’s conferences.

Membership Committee

2020 Committee Members

Aimee Greene, Chair, Technical Editorial Services
Thina Hedbom, Board Liaison, Journal of Internal Medicine

Dawn Angel, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice
Megan Cerino, Research Square
Bonnie Goslen, Technica Editorial Services
Jennifer Regala,
American Society of Plant Biologists

To promote international membership by communicating ISMTE membership benefits, resources and opportunities; develop and maintain information for new members; track and connect with current members.

Nominations Committee

2020 Committee Members
Julie Nash, Chair and Board Liaison, J&J Editorial
Deborah Bowman, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 
Alethea Gerding, ASCPT
Jason Roberts, Origin Editorial
Cheryl Shanks, Salient Content

To identify ISMTE members for open positions; maintain insofar as feasible a balance among the various professional interests of the membership of the society; encourage the development of our members.

Professional Development Committee

Committee members are the chairs and Board liaisons from the Education & Standards Committee, Webinars Committee, Website Committee and Workshop Committee.

2020 Committee Members
Elizabeth Blalock, Chair, Elsevier
Jen Mahar, Board Liaison, Origin Editorial
Michelle English, J&J Editorial
Chris Heid, Clarivate Analytics
Erin Landis, American Gastroenterological Association
Meghan McDevitt, The Journal of Pediatrics
Sven Molter, Clarivate Analytics
Hannah Wakley, Wiley

To provide opportunities for career development – particularly in editorial or publishing field; continue to develop the framework of resources to help members progress in their careers and enrich their experiences in the work environment.

Sponsorship Committee in development

2020 Committee Members
Dawn Angel, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice
George Woodward, Board Liaison, Oxford University Press

To identify and develop opportunities for external sponsorship of ISMTE membership and activities; liaise with, and understand the needs of current and prospective sponsors; and propose policies for ethical sponsorship.

Webinars Committee

2020 Committee Members
Elizabeth Blalock, Chair, Elsevier
Meghan McDevitt, Board Liaison, The Journal of Pediatrics
Phaedra Cress, Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Deborah Meyer, Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography
Pierre Montagano, Code Ocean

Norma Roberts, Clarivate Analytics

To develop webinars that help attendees become aware of and understand important developments and trends in scholarly publishing and provide real-world applications for the editorial office.

Website Committee - in development

2020 Committee Members
Chris Heid, Board Liaison, Clarivate Analytics

Workshop Committee

2020 Committee Members
Sven Motler, Chair, Clarivate
Michelle English,  Board Liaison,  J&J Editorial
Emily Babcock, J&J Editorial
Detra Davis, Origin Editorial
Ryan Farrell, American Gastroenterological Society
Grace Hansen-Dewar, New England Journal of Medicine
Kim Retzlaff, American Water Works Association
Meg Weist, Origin Editorial

To develop in-person educational workshop sessions that will supplement skill development for editorial office professionals and give attendees tangible takeaways to bring back to their professional jobs.

If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please use the ISMTE Volunteer Interest Form.

ISMTE is grateful to our Corporate Members for their support

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