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Call for Board Nomination Application
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Call for Candidates for the
ISMTE Board of Directors Election of 2020


Have questions about the application process or Board expectations?

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Coffee with the ISMTE Board
September 21, 2020
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Board Member Testimonial: 
"Serving on ISMTE's board has been one of the most rewarding aspects of participating in this society that's shaped so much of my career. As a board member, I'm able to give back to this amazing community of editorial office professionals, and learn from our inclusive community of volunteers. One unanticipated bonus of serving on the board is just how FUN it's been to deliberately connect with our community -- especially in Covid-times where everything has felt so uncertain."
- Michelle English, ISMTE Board member


The International Society for Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) Board of Directors supervises and controls the business, property, and affairs of the Society. It is composed of 12 members: five officers, the immediate past president (ex officio), and six directors at large. Each officer holds office for a term of two years and each director for a term of three years, except the EON Editor (director) who holds office for a term of two years. Each officer (except the president) and director may be reelected to the same position one additional time but otherwise have no limit on seeking other officer (or director if currently an officer) terms.

The 2020 Nominations Committee comprises:
Julie Nash (Immediate Past President, chair)
Liz Bury (Board representative)
Phaedra Cress (Ethics Committee representative)
Simone Larche (Member at large)
Randy Townsend (Member at large)

The ISMTE Board of Directors will have two (2) open positions as of 1st January 2021. In line with our nomination process, we are looking for nominees who fulfill the following criteria:
  * Has past experience in ISMTE, whether in committees, presenting at a conference or other
volunteer experience;
* Exhibits enthusiasm toward ISMTE's programs and projects;
* Exhibits ideas for improvements to existing programs, or ideas for new programs;
* Has served 2 consecutive years on the board (for those interested in an officer position)

Board Responsibilities:
Board members are responsible for carrying out the tasks required to support ISMTE activities. Board members have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure that the ISMTE does the best possible work in pursuit of its goals and to be responsible stewards of its reputation, members, and finances. Board members are expected to represent the ISMTE in the best possible light to the broader publishing community through their individual professionalism, ethical standards, and knowledge of scholarly publishing. Specific responsibilities include:
  • Serving as an advisor to the Executive Director and President
  • Reviewing reports on the ISMTE's performance (membership, meeting attendance, finances, etc.)
  • Approving the annual budget and making business decisions
  • Acting as a Committee Liaison or leading a focus area, taking on special assignments
  • Acting as an ambassador for the ISMTE
  • Identifying and recruiting new Board members
  • Encouraging vendors and publishers to support the ISMTE as sponsors and/or corporate members

Open Board positions are as follows:

• Officer position – Treasurer (2 year term)
In addition to the above responsibilities, the Treasurer shall: monitor staff handling of finances and review reports to the Board on all funds and securities of the Corporation; ensure that bank accounts are appropriately maintained by staff; and perform those duties incident to the office of Treasurer and others that may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

• Director position (3 year term) (one seat available)
Directors are responsible for representing a focus area of the Society (e.g., conference planning, professional development, membership, peer organizations, etc.). This may include serving as a member of or chairing a committee, and liaising with the Board.




Time Commitment & Expenses for the Board of Directors

The ISMTE Board of Directors meets monthly by conference call on a schedule determined at the beginning of each year. Owing to the geographical diversity of its members, we schedule these calls to allow all members to participate. It is expect ed that every Board member will attend each of these monthly calls and prepare for them by submitting committee /focus area reports and reviewing the agenda and supporting materials in advance. The ISMTE Board of Directors also meets annually face-to-face at the same location as one of the annual meetings. It is anticipated that every Board member will attend this annual in- person meeting to ensure a quorum, and prepare for it by submitting committee/focus area reports and reviewing the agenda and supporting materials in advance. ISMTE Board members are not compensated for their roles as Directors or Officers. ISMTE will reimburse Board members for coach air travel or other transportation means to the annual meeting site for the face -to-face Board meeting, as well as for one hotel night.

When you assume this leadership role, you should expect the following:

1. You will receive regular communication from the President, Executive Director and other members of the Board. The volume of communication varies depending on the season and issue involved. Given the value you bring to the Board through your experience and knowledge, to the extent possible, you are expected to respond to communications, providing your opinion when requested.

2. You must disclose any conflicts of interest that could influence your decision on an issue that comes before the Board. Conflicts do not mean you may not serve on the Board – only that you will be unable to participate in discussions or vote on the matter that creates a conflict of interest for you.

3. You will receive a liaison assignment to a committee or focus area. This will require your participation as a part of that committee or focus area. You serve a key role to pass information back and forth between the committee or focus area and the Board. Part of this communication process is the completion of a monthly report form found on the ISMTE website.

4. You need to become familiar with key organizational documents. ISMTE makes use of four key documents as a part of Board oversight: 1) Bylaws; 2) Policies; 3) Budget; 4) Strategic Plan. These key documents contain reference information that help to guide decision making and resource allocation.

5. You need to participate in 1 board conference call each month. Calls last one hour. Some preparation for the call is necessary (a board packet is sent approximately one week before the call – you should be familiar with the contents of that packet).

6. You need to attend 1 face-to-face meeting each year. This meeting is held prior to the North American conference and provides an opportunity for Board members to discuss strategy and business in more depth, as well as build a rapport with each other. You will be reimbursed for travel up to a maximum of US$1,500.

7. Accept the time commitment for board service. 2019 survey results indicate that the average director will spend between 1 and 5 hours per month on Board business and between 1 and 3 hours per month on committee or focus group activity. This amount will vary depending on committee assignment.

8. You should expect to be visible and accessible to members. Opportunities to interact with members and potential members occur at conferences, through speaking, at local meetings, on listserves and forums, and through mentoring. You are a representative of ISMTE so be prepared to receive questions about the organization.

9. You should be prepared to communicate the value of ISMTE to others. As a leader and a direct beneficiary of the benefits of membership in ISMTE, you are in the perfect position to advocate to other individuals, companies and organizations on ISMTE’s behalf. Your excitement about ISMTE is contagious and sharing it helps strengthen ISMTE.

10. You should expect to be richly rewarded for your leadership efforts. Board participation provides an opportunity to interact with peers, solve problems, and develop leadership skills like no other activity. The time you invest in Board service will pay many times over in positive and enriching experiences and deep relationships forged.

Applications must be received by October 1, 2020

For more information contact or call +1-919-314-3900.

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