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The International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) was founded in August 2007 by Jason Roberts and Taylor Bowen, Alice Ellingham, Ira Salkin, Gary Bryan, Elizabeth Blalock, Jennifer Deyton, Julie Nash, Wendy Krank, Katherine DyReyes, Anne Carter, Jane Moody, Laura Lawrie, Alison Alsmeyer, Lindsay Haddon, Nicki Salcedo, and Kristen Overstreet. 

The mission of ISMTE is to connect the community of professionals committed to the peer review and publication of academic and scholarly journals. ISMTE provides peer-to-peer networking, education and training, research and resources for best practices, and development of journal policy.  The society has been governed by a volunteer board of directors.



Founding Board

President – Jason Roberts – 2008-2009
Vice President – Taylor Bowen – 2008-(June) 2010
Secretary – Jennifer Deyton – 2008-2011
Treasurer – Ira Salkin – 2008-2012
Elizabeth Blalock – 2008-2009
Dianne Dixon – 2008-2009
Gary Bryan – 2008-2009
Irene Hames – 2008-2009
Kristen Overstreet – 2008-2011


President – Elizabeth Blalock – 2010-2011
President-elect – Glenn Collins - (August) 2010-2011
Secretary – Jennifer Deyton – 2008-2011
Treasurer – Ira Salkin – 2008-2012
Wendy Krank – 2010-2011
Michael Willis – (June) 2010-2013
Irene Hames – 2008-2010
Sherryl Sundell – 2011-2013
Kristen Overstreet – 2008-2011


President – Glenn Collins – 2012-2013
President-elect – Kristen Overstreet – 2012-2013
Secretary – Wendy Krank – 2012-2013
Treasurer – Ira Salkin – 2008-2012
Treasurer – Sally Gainsbury – 2013-2016
Sarah Bidgood – 2013-2014
Deborah Bowman – 2012-2013
Jan Higgins – 2013-2015
Julie Nash – 2011-2013
Sherryl Sundell – 2011-2016
Michael Willis – (June) 2010-2013


President – Kristen Overstreet – 2014-2015
President-elect – Michael Willis – 2014-2015
Vice President – Julie Nash – 2014-2015
Secretary – Deborah Bowman – 2014-2015
Treasurer – Sally Gainsbury – 2013-2016
Sarah Bidgood – 2013-2014
Alice Ellingham – 2014-2016
Diana Epstein - 2016-2018
Jan Higgins – 2013-2015
Meghan McDevitt – 2014-2016
Sherryl Sundell – 2011-2016
Meg Weist – 2014-2017

President - Michael Willis - 2016-2017
President-elect - Julie Nash - 2016-2017
Vice President - Jan Higgins - 2016-2018
Treasurer - Sally Gainsbury - 2013-2016
Secretary - Deborah Bowman - 2014-2018
Diana Epstein - 2016 -2018
Adam Etkin - 2016
Meghan McDevitt - 2014-2016
Margot Puerta - 2016-2018
Sherryl Sundell - 2011-2016
Meg Weist - 2015-2017


President - Michael Willis - 2016-2017
President-elect - Julie Nash - 2016-2017
Vice President - Jan Higgins - 2016-2018
Treasurer - Meghan McDevitt- 2017-2018
Secretary - Deborah Bowman - 2014-2018
Diana Epstein - 2016 -2018
Adam Etkin - 2017-2018
Beverly Lindeen - 2014-2016
Margot Puerta - 2016-2018
Carolyn Sperry - 2017-2018
Meg Weist - 2015-2017

President - Julie Nash - 2018-2019
President-elect - Erin Landis - 2018-2019
Vice President - Margo Puerta - 2018
Vice President - Michelle English - 2019
Treasurer - Meghan McDevitt- 2017-2019
Secretary - Wendy Krank - 2019
Alethea Gerding - 2018 -2019
Thina Hedbom - 2018-2019
Chris Heid - 2018-2019
Stephanie Kinnan - 2018-2019
Beverly Lindeen - 2018-2019
Alison McGonage-O'Connell - 2018-2019



Founding President – Jason Roberts (2008-2009)
President – Elizabeth Blalock (2010-2011)
President – Glenn Collins (2012-2013)
President - Kristen Overstreet (2014-2015)
President - Michael Willis (2016-2017)
President - Julie Nash (2018-2019)
President - Erin Landis (2020-2021)


As of December 2019 ISMTE membership stood at 1,051 individuals.



ISMTE has established an Industry Advisory Board comprised of respected leaders in the scientific publishing field.  ISMTE consults members of the IAB on industry concerns and how ISMTE can best serve its members. Current members of the IAB can be found here



Since its inception ISMTE has been generously supported by a number of corporate sponsors in the publishing industry.

To view our current sponsors, see the scroll at the bottom of this page.


Editorial Office News (EON) is the official publication of ISMTE. The publication is comprised of informative articles and columns on editorial roles and best practices, as well as society news -- such as meeting announcements and reports, messages from the President, and upcoming events. A member benefit, the ISMTE publication has published 10-12 issues per year continuously since January 2008. Publication is overseen by the Editor.

History of EON editors

Founding Editor - Kristen Overstreet (2008-2012)
Deborah Bowman (2012-2013)
Meghan McDevitt (2014-2016)
Carolyn Sperry (2017-2018)
Current Editor - Stephanie Kinnan



ISMTE has reached out and formed partnerships with other organizations in the publishing field.

Chicago Collaborative – ISMTE is a member of the Chicago Collaborative ( and appoints a member to represent it at all meetings and functions.

EASE – In 2013 ISMTE partnered with the European Association of Science Editors (EASE - to hold a joint meeting in Belgium. Attendees could register and attend both.

COPE – In 2015 the ISMTE North American Conference was proceeded by a meeting of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE -  Attendees could register and attend both.



ISMTE Local Groups have formed through the efforts of members who would like to meet with peers and colleagues in their local area for networking and discussion. Participation is not limited to ISMTE members, and the only cost associated with participation will be your meal, if the group meets at a restaurant.Past and current local groups have met in:

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Heidelberg, Germany

New York City

North Carolina - Research Triangle Park Area

Oxford, UK

Philadelphia, PA

Rochester, NY

Tokyo, Japan

Washington, DC







Since its founding ISMTE has hosted three annual conferences in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The conferences have grown in attendance, corporate support and agenda each year.  The following is a list of the location and dates of the past conferences.  Future conferences will continue to be in North America and Europe each year and Asia (Singapore).


2016 Singapore                 April 4-5
2017 Beijing, China           March 27-28 
2018  Singapore        March 27-28


2008 – Baltimore, MD         August 
2009 – Baltimore, MD.        August 4-5
2010 – Washington, DC     August 3-4
2011 – Washington, DC      August 9-10
2012 – Washington, DC     August 14-15
2013 – Washington, DC     August 6-7
2014 – Philadelphia, PA     August 14-15
2015 – Baltimore, MD        August 20-21
2016  Philadelphia, PA    August 11-12|
2017  Denver, CO           August 10-11
2018   Baltimore, MD       August 10-11
2019 –  Durham, NC    August 6-7



2008 – London, UK 
2009 – Oxford, UK               August 25
2010 – Oxford, UK               October 19
2011 – Oxford, UK                October 18
2012 – Oxford, UK                October 23
2013 – Blankenberge, Belgium. September 23-24
2014 – London,UK               October 14
2015 – London,UK               October 14
2016   Brussels, Belgium  October 31-November 1
2017 – London, UK              November 9-10
2018 – London, UK    November 8
2019 – Oxford, UK               October 3



To recognize its members' contributions and those of its sponsors, ISMTE has created the following awards. A full list of award winners can be found here.

ISMTE Recognition Award

This award recognizes outstanding support of the Society by a sponsor.  Alice Meadows and Edward Wates of Wiley-Blackwell were the first recipients of this award, presented in 2013 to acknowledge their outstanding support of the society since its inception.

Jason Roberts Founder's Award

The Founder’s Award is for those members who have reshaped our industry through an outstanding idea/contribution. Named after ISMTE’s founding president, Jason Roberts, this award recognizes members who have made extraordinary steps toward defining the future of peer review management.  It was created in 2011 and first awarded to Kristen Overstreet for her outstanding contributions to ISMTE as Founding Editor of EON.


In 2015, ISMTE created two new awards.

ISMTE Award for Excellence

The ISMTE Award for Excellence recognizes members who possess a track record of success of helping their publications excel though consistent excellent service and exemplary management of their role. 

ISMTE Award for Achievement or Innovation

With the Award for Achievement or Innovation, ISMTE aims to recognize those members who have improved their publications through exploration and innovation, pushing the boundaries of their role and expanding the meaning of what it means to be a professional managing or technical editor.

In 2017, ISMTE established a scholarship.

ISMTE Ira Salkin Scholarship

The Board established an annual scholarship in Ira Salkin’s memory which began in 2017. The objective of this scholarship is to uphold Ira’s goal of ensuring that editorial office professionals are educated and vigilant in matters of publishing ethics.

In 2019, ISMTE replaced the Award for Excellence with a new award.

ISMTE Early Career Award

The Early Career Award recognizes the achievements of members who are in the early stages of their career with roles in scholarly publishing for 5 or fewer years. Candidates will have demonstrated excellence through a high degree of initiative and a strong commitment to learning and growth in their early roles

In 2020, ISMTE transitioned the Ira Salkin Scholarship to a Service Award

In 2020, reflective of the passionate commitment of our ISMTE membership, the Ira Salkin Award transitions from a Scholarship Award to a Service Award. The goal of this transition is to capture the dynamic nature of ISMTE and to recognize its members for outstanding service to the Society. The ISMTE Board selects members who have exhibited enthusiasm for and commitment to the Society and its mission to connect, educate, and provide resources for professionals who are passionate about the operations of peer-reviewed publications. Ira Salkin Awardees should have a history of dedicated service to ISMTE demonstrated by active participation such as involvement at the committee level, serving as a committee chair, writing for Editorial Office News, or presenting at conferences, workshops or webinars.

ISMTE Financials

ISMTE is a recognized not-for-profit organization within the United States. All funds are handled in USD. Copies of the ISMTE 990s are available upon request.  

ISMTE is grateful to our Corporate Members for their support

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