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Committees & Focus Areas
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Committees & Focus Areas

 If you are interested in volunteering for a certain committee or focus area, please contact

Awards & Scholarship Committee

2019 Committee Members
Elizabeth Bury, Acoustical Society of America
Alison O’Connell, Board Liaison, Collaborative Knowledge Foundation
Kristine Pumphrey, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Michal Rottman, Salient Content
Mel Wincott, Editorial Office Ltd.


To recognize excellence within our membership, to promote membership by making people aware of ISMTE, and to encourage the development of our members.


  • Develop a program of awards
  • Promote the awards on the website, social media, in EON, and at the conferences
  • Encourage membership to become involved in awards
  • Create a historical archive to record award presentations and winners 


  • Setup committee of 3-8 people
  • Review nominations and award winners for each category, ideally to be recognized at each conference

Committee Description

  • Committee members with an interest in promoting the skills and excellence of the membership
  • Ideally, the Committee would have at least one member willing to attend each of the ISMTE Conferences

Conference Planning Committees

2019 European Planning Committee Members
Maria Guerreiro, Co-Chair, eLife Sciences Publications
Mary Miskin, Co-Chair, Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Tiago Barros, Clarivate Analytics 
Franca Bianchini, International Journal of Cancer Deutsches Krebsforschungzentrum (DKFZ)
Anna Kall, Acta Paediatrica
Simone Larche, Oxford University Press
Michael Willis, Board Liaison, Wiley

2019 North American Planning Committee Members
Kimberly Retzlaff, Chair, American Water Works Association
Emily Babcock, J&J Editorial

Laura Brashear, Journal of Veterinary and Emergency Critical Care
Ryan Farrell, American Gastroenterological Society
Eric Hall, High Wire Press

Grace Hansen-Dewar, New England Journal of Medicine
Jodi Harrell, Research Square
Sven Motler, Clarivate Analytics

Steve Musser, Sheridan
Julie Nash, Board Liaison,  J&J Editorial
Julie Vo, American Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

2020 Asian-Pacific Task Force Members
Julie Nash, Chair, Board Liaison, J&J Editorial 
Tony Alves, Aries Systems

Paul Du, Clarivate
Anke van Eekelen, Respirology
Michael Willis, Wiley

Responsible for planning and organizing the ISMTE Conference within their designated region along with ISMTE staff.  The Chair serves for two consecutive years. 


  • Develop a program that is interesting and reflects state-of-the-art themes and topics related to publishing, editing, and editorial office work, including finding suitable speakers
  • Find a site for the meeting that is accessible and attractive for the membership (mostly) in their region and establish a rotation throughout the region so that the needs of the membership as an international society are met
  • Develop a budget and receive Board approval
  • Committee Chair works to find other ISMTE members who are interested in serving on this committee and, in particular, to identify a person who could take over the chair role for future meetings

Steps in the process and approximate timelines
A year or more in advance

  • Find dates for meeting, taking holidays/semester/publishing events into account
  • Work with the ISMTE Staff to find and reserve a conference venue according to rotation plan, once complete this will be published online
  • Meet for planning purposes, as needed.  On the calls: Identify "to do” items and set up next call in a reasonable time interval (max 3-4 weeks later, but as needed later on in the process. Set up such calls until the meeting schedule is complete and all activities delegated. First call to be 10 – 11 months in advance.
    To prep for call, committee chair will:
  • Review evaluation forms from previous year, collate and filter suggestions
  • Brainstorm for own ideas
  • Distribute tentative agenda and materials to committee before call
  •  Ask for ideas to be included in the agenda and possibly redistribute
  • Put a tentative schedule/template in writing as a working document to include, for example:
       o    Time schedule for the meeting day
       o    Topics
       o    Ideas for speakers
       o    Who would be responsible for contacting speakers
  • Establish registration costs and deadlines and determine format of conference materials and packets, not forgetting evaluation forms, working with the Board and ISMTE staff..

    4 to 5 months out is the goal for finalizing schedule and speakers

Throughout the process:

  • Provide possible sponsors to ISMTE staff
  •  Generate ideas for partnering with another society
  •  Write a piece for EON to promote the meeting for publication in upcoming issue

    4 months

Work with ISMTE staff to determine deadlines for the speakers and help ISMTE staff contact speakers to collect bios, photos, and abstracts of presentations. Provide them with reimbursement info (if providing). Discuss any exceptions/special cases with Board and ISMTE staff, asking for approval as needed

    At the meeting:

  • Work with the ISMTE staff to ensure everything is set up appropriately and equipment works, including presentations loaded on the site laptop, and rooms allocated and publicized for all sessions.
    o    Who will take pictures?
    o    Who will write an article for EON?
  •  Welcome speakers and give them the necessary information
  • General troubleshooting and hosting
  • Lead the actual meeting: Prepare intro and wrap-up


  • Give evaluations and thanks to all who helped
  • Write an article for EON

Committee Description
There should be approximately five (5) committee members for each conference, plus the Chair and ISMTE Board Liaison.  All members must be an ISMTE member with previous meeting experience and living or working in the meeting region.  A non-member must be approved by the ISMTE Board prior to joining the committee. 

Discussion Forum Focus Area

2019 Discussion Forum Moderator
Thina Hedbom, Board Liaison, Journal of Internal Medicine

To recognize promote networking within our membership, to promote learning from experience of other members, and offer mentoring opportunities.


  • Promote the Discussion Forum on the website, social media, in EON, and at the conferences
  • Encourage membership to use the forum
  • Create a historical archive of posts and responses


  • Setup 2-3 moderators 
  • Review post to make sure they are appropriate and getting responses

Editorial Office News (EON), ISMTE’s Monthly Publication

2019 EON Editorial Team
Editors-in-Chief: Stephanie Kinnan, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and
                            Lindsey Brounstein, American Gastroenterological Association
Senior Editors: Liz Bury, Acoustical Society of America and Nijsje Dorman, American Journal of Kidney Diseases
Editorial Adviser: Meghan McDevittThe Journal of Pediatrics

Editorial Office News (EON) is the monthly publication of ISMTE. The publication is a members-only benefit providing readers with informative articles related to working in an Editorial Office. Topics are wide-reaching but focus on defining editorial roles and best practices, new technologies, hot topics in scholarly publishing, Society news, messages from the Board of Directors, announcements, conference reports, and upcoming events. EON is published eleven times per year.

The main objective for the EON Editor is to successfully publish the monthly issue in a timely manner. The Editor recruits and solicits writers (both members and non-members) to write on topics of interest to professionals who work in Editorial Offices. The Editor should also report on Society announcements and important events. The Editor is helped by an Editorial Team who solicits articles and assists with the editing and proofing of each issue. In addition to the weekly emails sent to members highlighting an EON article, I would like to find ways for EON to be more present in ISMTE’s social media. I also hope to recruit new contributors and article topics/ideas at the next conference.

Volunteer Opportunities
EON is always looking for new topics and ideas as well as writers interested in contributing articles. Please contact the Editor if you would like to get involved.

Education & Standards Committee

2019 Committee Members

Patricia Pantos, Co-ChairJournal of The Geological Society
Hannah Wakley, Co-Chair, Wiley
Jocelyn Basseal, Australian Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine

Elizabeth Clark, J&J Editorial
Liz Caloi, Wiley
Angela HartleyJournal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nurses

Maggie Haworth, Endocrine Reviews
Erin Landis, Board Liaison, American Gastroenterological Association

Kristie Overstreet, Origin Editorial
Nick Rushby, Education & Self Development
Michael Willis, Board Member, Wiley


  • To identify areas to develop industry standards
  • To encourage the development of our members


  • Promote ISMTE resources and documents to members and non-members
  • Encourage members and non-members to provide information on industry standards


  • Review materials that are already available that can be used by ISMTE members
  • Develop industry standards

Committee Description
Committee members should be willing to review current documents that are available and brainstorm to develop industry standards.  

Volunteer Opportunities
EON is always looking for new topics and ideas as well as writers interested in contributing articles. Please contact the Editor if you would like to get involved.

Ethics Committee

2019 Committee Members
Dr. Franca Bianchini, International Journal of Cancer Deutsches Krebsforschungzentrum (DKFZ)
Deborah Bowman, MFA, ELSGIE: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Alison O'Connell, Board Liaison, Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko)
Phaedra Cress, Aesthetic Surgery Journal

The Ethics Committee oversees the Board’s conflicts of interest and advises the Board on governance. 

Committee Description 
Committee members may not be members of the Board and must be members of the Society in good standing. Committee members are voted in during ISMTE elections. Only one member may be from the publishing industry or a financial supporter of the Society. C
ommittee nominees should therefore have an interest, and preferably experience, in governance. The term of office shall be two years and members may have two consecutive terms of office. 

Local Groups Focus Area


  • To advise on setting up a regional group
  • To advise on possible format and content for meetings
  • To identify areas where a concentration of members makes a regional group feasible.
  • To keep information on current regional groups and their activities and report this information to the Board of Directors



  • Contact the newest groups formed to share the experience of the established groups.
  • Sort the member database into geographic locations to identify areas of enough members to support a local group. Send out email blasts to local area members asking for interest in setting up local groups in the areas and looking for volunteers.
  • Writing a piece for EON on this new position, the success of the groups and the starting of new regional groups.


  • Give a short presentation at ISMTE Conferences to advertise current regional groups, ask for interest in new regional groups and identify volunteers in those areas to run those groups. 
  • Have some time set aside for the local groups to have lunch or some other gathering at the annual meeting as a way to introduce new members to the group.
  •  Each regional group needs a local organizer/leader

Marketing Committee

2019 Committee Members

Katie Murphy, Co-Chair, American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics
Phaedra Cress, Co-Chair, Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Jocelyn Anthony, Aries Systems
Chhavi Chauhan, American Society for Investigative Pathology
Tiffany Clark, American Society of Hematology
Audra Cox, American Physiological Society
Sylvia DeMar, American Society for Horticultural Science
Laura Lander, Association for Computing Machinery
Beverly Lindeen, Co-Board Liaison, Allen Press Inc.
Alison O’Connell, Co-Board Liaison, Collaborative Knowledge Foundation
Natalia Olson, J&J Editorial

To comprehensively promote the various offerings of ISMTE (annual meetings, webinars, educational resources, local groups, etc.) so that members and non-members alike are fully aware of the society’s robust portfolio of benefits, with the ultimate goal of increasing member recruitment, retention, and engagement.


  • To develop and oversee a process that results in the development and implementation of coordinated communication and marketing plans for ISMTE offerings that involves related committee chairs (membership & social media) as well as management company staff. 
  • To oversee the content and involvement for ISMTE in Peer Review Week, C4Disc and perhaps other efforts.
  • Work with Meghan McDevitt with marketing efforts with our peer organization relationships.
  • Develop and grow the committee’s impact and role within the society.

 Membership Committee

2019 Committee Members
Aimee Greene, Chair, Technical Editorial Services
Thina Hedbom, Board Liaison, Journal of Internal Medicine
Megan Cerino, Research Square
Detra Davis, American Academy of Dermatology
Eliza-Beth Lerch, Wiley
Bonnie Meyer, Technical Editorial Services


  • To keep track of current members 
  • To promote membership by making people aware of the ISMTE
  • To develop and maintain information for new members
  • To keep relationships with corporate supporters and sponsors


  • Promote membership at ISMTE Conferences and industry related events
  • Use social media to promote membership
  • Use EON's open-access articles to promote membership to non-member Editors


  • Contact University presses and publishers to make them aware of the ISMTE
  • Create a digital flyer to promote the ISMTE
  • Use EON  to encourage current members to continue membership

Committee description

  • In essence, every member of the ISMTE should be part of the Membership Committee

Nominations Committee

2019 Committee Members
Michael Willis, Chair, Wiley
Deborah Bowman, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 
Alethea Gerding, Wiley
Jason Roberts, Origin Editorial
Cheryl Shanks, Salient Content


  • To identify ISMTE members for open positions
  • To maintain insofar as feasible a balance among the various professional interests of the membership of the society
  • To encourage the development of our members


  • Promote the nominations process
  • Encourage membership to become involved in ISMTE


  • Review all applications and present a slate to the Board of Directors

Committee Description

  • Other than the Chair of the committee, terms for committee members are for one year; however, members of the committee may serve more than one term if desired and requested by the President.
  • The Nominations Committee should endeavor to make nominees reflect the diverse backgrounds of the membership.

Posters Committee

2019 Committee Members
Kurt Spurlock, Chair, Research Square 
Jeannine Botos, Oxford University Press
Althea Gerding, Wiley
Anna Jester, eJournalPress
Jason Roberts, Origin Editorial
Brook Simpson
Erin Landis, Board Liaison, American Gastroenterological Association 


  • To identify possible topics for posters
  • To encourage the development of our members


  • Promote the posters process
  • Encourage members and non-members to submit posters


  • Review all poster abstract submissions and final poster submissions
  • From the final poster submissions, vote on a winner who will be given an opportunity to present at ISMTE conferences

Committee Description
Committee members should be willing to review poster abstracts and provide feedback for the authors. Ideally, a representative from the committee should be in attendance at each ISMTE conference. 

Professional Development Committee

Committee members are the chairs and Board liaisons from the Education & Standards Committee, Webinars Committee and Workshop Committee.

2019 Committee Members
Michael Willis, Chair and Board Liaison, Wiley
Elizabeth Blalock, Elsevier
Jan Higgins, American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics
Beverly Lindeen, Allen Press, Inc.
Meghan McDevitt, The Journal of Pediatrics
Patricia Pantos, Journal of the Geological Society
Hannah Wakley, Wiley


  • To provide opportunities for career development – particularly in editorial or publishing fields.
  • To continue to develop the framework of resources to help members progress in their careers and enrich their experiences in the work environment.


  • Explore and/or develop educational events that would help broaden members’ skill sets.
  • Establish links to other groups with similar interests to provide enhanced networking for members.
  • Consult with industry experts and report on qualities/talents that employers value.

Possible topics to flesh out include developing effective communication skills, cultivating leadership skills, finding good cost management strategies, making the most of time management, handling ethical issues and legal issues, updating or keeping current with your technical skills, environmental/ergonomic conditions and how they impact your work, what are "best practices”.

Committee Description
‘Project Members’ – members for a short time frame with responsibilities focused on a particular topic.

Partnerships with Peer Organizations Focus Area

2019 Committee Member
Meghan McDevitt, The Journal of Pediatrics


  • To promote ISMTE’s position as a voice within the industry.
  • To develop new and consolidate existing relations with peer organizations.
  • To maintain a list of our members who can represent ISMTE’s position to peer organizations.


  • To maintain an up-to-date list of representatives of peer organizations from among our members.
  • To discuss with these representatives opportunities for ISMTE and the peer organizations to benefit from each other’s expertise and resources. Examples might include member discounts for conferences, mutual representation at conferences, co-hosting of conferences, discounted access to member resources.


  • Establish which groups we have worked with and identify which groups we should work with. 
    Target date: Quarter 1
  • Identify appropriate contacts for each group. 
    Target date: Quarter 1
  • Write up a piece for EON to describe collaboration so far and future goals. 
    Target date: Quarter 1 
  • Report back regularly to the Board on collaboration and ask for feedback/leads. 
    Target date: monthly, ongoing
  • Provide a short presentation at ISMTE NA and European conferences on objectives. 
    Target date: Date of annual conferences

Committee Description
Representation of ISMTE to peer organizations, e.g. promotion of Society at meetings, contributing to shared resources, etc, in coordination with Conference Committee.

Webinars Committee

2019 Committee Members
Elizabeth Blalock, Chair, Elsevier
Meghan McDevitt, Board Liaison, The Journal of Pediatrics 
Phaedra Cress, Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Deborah Meyer, Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography
Pierre Montagano, Code Ocean

Website Optimization Committee

2019 Committee Members
Beverly Lindeen, Chair and Board Liaison, Allen Press, Inc.
Carolyn deCourt, J&J Editorial, LLC
Alison O'Connell, Collaborative Knowledge Foundation
Meg Weist, Origin Editorial 


  • To identify where things should be housed on the ISMTE website
  • To update the website and content with committees, focus areas, the Board and ISMTE Staff
  • To encourage members and non-members to access information on the ISMTE website


  • Regularly review the website materials and pages
  • Regularly review website analytics 
  • Encourage members and non-members to access the ISMTE website


  • Review and update sections of the website and menu labels to make navigation easier for members
  • Work with committee to make sure specific areas are up-to-date

Committee Description
Committee members should be willing to review website pages and make recommendations on where information should be placed.  Members should also be willing to notify the committee chair with any website issues or errors that are found.

Workshop Committee

2019 Committee Members

Jan Higgins, Chair, American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics
Julie Nash, Board Liaison, J&J Editorial
Michelle English, J&J Editorial

Grace Hansen-Dewar, New England Journal of Medicine
Meg Weist, Origin Editorial
Michael Willis, Wiley


If you are interested in volunteering for a committee or focus area, please contact

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