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Editage Travel Grants for ISMTE
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Editage Travel Grants for ISMTE Conferences


European Submission Deadline: August 20, 2018

Editage supports ISMTE in its mission to give new networking and collaboration opportunities to editors from emerging regions. Therefore, we're delighted to announce that ISMTE and Editage are partnering to provide up to four Editage-sponsored travel grants that will give East Asian journal editors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the ISMTE 2018 North American Conference (August 2-3, Baltimore, Maryland) or ISMTE 2018 European Conference (November 8, London, UK) substantially free of cost! 

Number of awards:

  • Travel grants to either the ISMTE 2018 North American Conference or the ISMTE 2018 European Conference will be awarded up to a total of four journal editors from East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, or Macau), at the discretion of the Committee, which consists of two members from ISMTE and three members from Editage.
  • A Committee will be set up by ISMTE and Editage to assess the applications (listed at the bottom of this page). 
  • ISMTE and Editage reserve the right to award fewer than four, or no, grants if entries are not of sufficient quality, as determined by the Committee in its sole discretion.
  • The decision of the Committee is final.

Each winner will receive: 

  • Complimentary registration at either the 2018 ISMTE North American Conference or the 2018 ISMTE European Conference, provided by ISMTE.
  • Up to $1,700 towards travel/accommodation for the 2018 ISMTE North American Conference or up to $1,300 towards travel/accommodation for the 2018 ISMTE European Conference, provided by Editage, as applicable and as determined by Editage and the Committee,  .
    (Editage will work with the winner(s) on the best way to supply the travel funding.)
  • A mention and an interview published in Editorial Office News (EON), the official publication of ISMTE
  • A mentor at the conference to maximize the winner's experience at the conference. 
Submission of entries and announcement of winner:
  • Complete the online submission form and essay requirements. 
  • The submission deadlines for entries are: North American Conference by May 11, 2018 and European Conference by August 10, 2018.
  • The winner(s) will be notified by ISMTE within two weeks of the submission deadlines.
  • The winner(s) will be announced on the ISMTE and Editage websites and in an email newsletter to ISMTE members. 
  • The winner(s) agrees not to disclose publicly that he/she has been awarded the travel grant until the announcement is made by ISMTE and Editage. ISMTE and Editage reserve the right to withdraw the award if this rule is broken. The winner(s) will be reminded of this in the email informing him/her that he/she has been awarded a travel grant.

Award Presentation:

The award winner(s) will be felicitated during the Awards Presentation Ceremony at the conference   which the winner attends, It is required that they attend this portion of the conference.

Eligibility of Applicants:

  • Applicants should have  a minimum of 2 years' experience in academic publishing.
  • Applicants should be involved in managing a journal’s editorial office, overseeing/handling the manuscript screening and peer review process, and making editorial decisions.
  • The journal should be an English-language journal based in Asia or a local journal looking to internationalize, and should meet and uphold basic standards of ethical publication practices.
  • Applicants should have adequate English proficiency to be able to benefit from the conference and converse in English.
  • Applicants must be from East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, or Macau).
  • Applicants must have a valid passport and must demonstrate eligibility to travel to the United States or United Kingdom, as applicable.

Essay Requirements:

Submit an essay introducing yourself and your journal; its current reach, performance, and objectives; why you think you should attend one of the conferences; and what you hope to benefit from it.

The essay must be in English and not longer than 1500 words excluding the title but including sub-headings. Longer entries will be rejected. Essays may include data, tables, and/or figures if required.

Essays must be submitted as an MS Word document with the word count clearly stated at the end of the essay.

The Committee will judge the essays based on merit.  All essays will be blinded to the Committee.

Travel Grant Committee:
Clarinda Cerejo, Editage, Cactus Communications, Chair
Basil D’Souza, Editage, Cactus Communications, Korea
Erin Landis, American Gastroenterological Association 
Alison O'Connell, Community at Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko)
Erin McMullan, KWF Editorial 
Makoto Yuasa, Editage, Cactus Communications, Japan




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