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2018 Nomination Application
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Applications must be received by October 1, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact or call +1.630.433.4513 

Please review the information below and submit the requested information. Please note the information submitted may be seen outside the Nominating Committee; for example, should the election process become an open election, information submitted will be shared with members of ISMTE on the ballot for voting. Nominees may opt out if it becomes a general election.


Open Positions:

Director.  Two positions available. Directors are responsible for representing a focus area of the Society (e.g., conference planning, professional development, membership, peer organizations, etc.).  This may include serving as a member of or chairing a committee, and liaising with the Board. This is a 3-year term.

Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall: monitor staff handling of finances and review reports to the Board on all funds and securities of the Corporation; ensure that bank accounts are appropriately maintained by staff; and perform those duties incident to the office of Treasurer and others that may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

Ethics Committee Member.  The Ethics committee oversees the board’s conflicts of interest and advises the board on governance. The Ethics committee nominees should therefore have an interest, and preferably experience, in governance. This is a 2-year term. 

EON Editor-in-ChiefClick here for more information.

To be considered by the Nominating Committee, a nominee must have been a member of ISMTE for at least two consecutive years and be a current member. Those interested in the Treasurer position must have served 2 consecutive years on the Board of Directors. 


Candidate Profile

We are looking for candidates who:

     have contributed to ISMTE;

     are enthusiastic toward contributing to the success of ISMTEs mission;

     are strategic and visionary thinkers;

     are good listeners;

     are willing to collaborate with others;

     will regularly attend face-to-face and virtual meetings;

     will dedicate time to the work of the Board of Directors; and

     will promote the ISMTE brand.


Time Commitment & Expenses for the Board of Directors

The ISMTE Board of Directors meets monthly by conference call, on a schedule determined at the beginning of each year.  Owing to the geographical diversity of its members, we schedule these calls to allow all members to participate.  It is expected that every board member will attend each of these monthly calls and prepare for them by submitting committee/focus area reports and reviewing the agenda and supporting materials in advance.

The ISMTE Board of Directors also meets annually, face-to-face at the same location as one of the annual meetings. It is anticipated that every board member will attend this annual in-person meeting, to ensure a quorum, and prepare for it by submitting committee/focus area reports and reviewing the agenda and supporting materials in advance.

ISMTE board members are not compensated for their roles as Directors or Officers. ISMTE will reimburse Board members for coach air travel or other transportation means to the annual meeting site for the face-to-face Board meeting, as well as for one hotel night.  An expense form will be provided at the Board meeting. 

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